Competency Title:

Technical/Business Writing

Competency Type:


Competency Description

This competency refers to the ability to compose technical/business documents related to capital market services in compliance with industry standards and regulations. The scope includes submissions to regulatory bodies, corporate proposals, technical reports and recommendations.

Level 1 - Awareness

Level 1

• Identify the different types of technical and business documents.
• Recognise the various formats used in technical and business documents.
• Identify audience requirements for technical and business documents.
Level 2 - Knowledge

Level 2

• Identify the different objectives of technical and business reports.
• Select the appropriate delivery format for documents according to audience requirements.
• Differentiate various types of reports for different audiences.
Level 3 - Skill

Level 3

• Collate required information to be included in the documents to meet specific objective.
• Prepare different types of documents in compliance with industry standards and regulations.
• Organise information in written formats using language that can be understood by intended readers.
Level 4 - Mastery

Level 4

• Edit technical and business documents to improve the adequacy, accuracy and consistency of the documents.
• Review technical and business documents to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.
• Adapt the content, tone, style, and form to suit the needs of the reader, the subject, and the purpose of the communication.
Level 5 - Expert

Level 5

• Evaluate use of terminology and formats to ensure clarity of documents for intended audience.
• Recommend the most suitable and meaningful form to express ideas in writing while complying with industry standards and regulations.
• Customise documents/ reports for a wide range of audiences and diverse purposes in order to achieve a desired outcome.