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Competency Description

This competency refers to the ability to respond and adapt to various situations and requirements. The scope includes responding positively to changing business needs, conditions and work responsibilities.

Level 1 - Awareness

Level 1

• Acknowledge changes that happen in the work environment.
• Recognise that change happens and keep an open mind to new initiatives.
• Recognise the needs to adapt to changes during times of uncertainty.
Level 2 - Knowledge

Level 2

• Seek new information, skills and approaches in order to adapt to changing needs.
• Recognise future needs or changes within the work environment.
• Reflect on current environment and how the change will be received.
Level 3 - Skill

Level 3

• Apply new knowledge, skills and approaches in order to adapt to changing needs.
• Implement critical changes in current practices to meet future organisational goals.
• Find alternatives to move forward amidst continuous change and ambiguity.
Level 4 - Mastery

Level 4

• Anticipate changes, adjust to changing needs and be open to new ideas.
• Coach and guide others to deal with ongoing demands of change.
• Review decisions made in the past when more information and facts are made available.
Level 5 - Expert

Level 5

• Formulate strategy to incorporate new practices into existing framework.
• Review work plans, priorities and actions to deal with unpredictable situations.
• Encourage others to find solutions and achieve goals in the face of changing circumstances.